Should you offer “Adopt A Bill” yes or no?

Dear Diary,

I want my bills paid. Not only paid but paid in full. It’s even better when they are not paid by me.

~ #canyoupaymybills

There is a not so new trend of sellers doing “adopt a bill”. What is is adopt a bill you ask? It is a method of selling that sellers use to get buyers to pay a bill for them. The bill is anything that you want to be paid.

This is done by creating a listing that looks something like this: Want to spoil me? Are you a pay pig? Are you are Daddy (normally meaning sugar daddy)? Things are tight around here. Want to help me out? *Any of the above headliners are normally there. Then the spill of what is desired to get a buyer to get what they are offering is filled in. There is always a list like the example below despite it varying in some way asking for which bills they desire to be paid.

Cell Phone: $60

Netflix: $45

Rent: $750

Groceries: $100

You may be wondering why I am putting this information out there. I will tell you. From my experience the normal, everyday buyer is not seeking to pay anyone’s bill without them reaping some kind of benefit. They are not willing to pay their own bills plus yours. Some of them quite honestly find it to be a turn off for one to be asking such a thing. I have been told they feel this way because they like knowing that the person can “hold their own.” Meaning the person is not simply always needing the money but may just want the money.

I know that is strange way to put it. I chalk it up to them not wanting someone who only needs them for money. Yet, they are capable of providing for themselves despite wanting to be taken care of if you will.

Please do not get me wrong. There are some wonderful buyers who absolutely love doing such things for sellers that they trust. There are some who are known as “unicorns” who will adopt a bill for you simply because they get a thrill of seeing others happy. Be mindful they are not the norm. Yet, they are there.

If you have the honor of finding a buyer like that be aware that they come and go just like any other buyer can. Do your best not to get totally reliant on them. Either way treat them with respect. Yes, some of them may come to you wanting to be used by you taking their money. However, remember at the end of the day they are human beings. Treat them as such.

Should you do the adopt bill thing? That is up to you. Be mindful of your audience and what you are seeking to achieve. If you are doing it only for the sake of using your buyers, just do not even go there. They will eventually find out. Trust me they talk amongst each other just as we have community with other sellers.

If you desire to use this money making method, I urge you to strategize how you will achieve your goal. Doing it just to follow the crowd is not a good look and the buyers soon catch on the the trends really fast.

Keep raking in the dough.

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Until next time…