Places not to sell your panties Part 2

Dear Diary,

Etsy is my bestie. I love to shop from their site. Posting my panties will definitely get my IP blocked.

~Etsy BFF’s


Today I am here to talk to you about the second place that I noticed that people are saying to sell their items on. The place is Etsy. I will say do not try to sell on there. I have been in groups with other women who have tried to do it. Some people are not figured out for a long time. Others are figured out quite quickly. Their accounts are shut down then they are banned from being able to use the site because they know that they’re doing it. That is not what that platform is for. On Etsy you can find all kinds of things that you want to find. Understand that because of what we do these items are used and you’re not really allowed to do that outside of platforms that are designed for that specifically. By posting there you are putting yourself in a position to just cause yourself trouble especially if we get all set up, paid the fee to Etsy and then they shut you down. Then you would have wasted so much time when you could have just went to a site that is designed for this specifically and work around that way. I get it. People want to try to save money. They want to try to have as much money in their pocket as they possibly can. It’s right to do right anyway. Because even on the site that I’m speaking of, you will still have to pay taxes. They are going to send you a form 1099 showing that you have made money so it’s backwards to do that. We can just go to a legit site, and you don’t have to worry about getting a 1099. You still have to pay your taxes. That site is not created for that. Just don’t do it because you will be putting in a lot of work just for it to get you banned.

Keep those panties to yourself.

Until next time…