Sock it to me…

Today is another day where we get the chance to tap into the process of a buyer. It’s always an honor to see how the buyers make their buying choices.

Thank you for offering a look into your process..

While usually I am a panty fiend, every so often I feel an itch for used socks of which are frequent enough to find on the websites for sale. Unlike panties there doesn’t seem to be as much fanfare for them, which one only needs that there are stores like Victoria’s Secret. There’s no store that readily comes to mind that’s dedicated to socks despite how amusing that would be. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of fun designs on them but not nearly as much variety as panties. I chalk it up to socks not having the same level of status or gravitas as the panties.

I’ve heard the anecdotal saying that the feet are the most common Kink, and that it usually is the “Gateway Kink” for those coming into the scene. Perhaps because it seems fairly innocuous. I can’t say with absolute certainty, but it seems to be feet and the various aspects of them, does often appear to be on most Kinksters list somewhere, though not usually the highest. While from an intellectual standpoint it too is not the highest on my list but rarely fails to get a rise out of me. And that of being a different area of Kink it does have feeling in a whole new area of sensation.

So when looking, it is usually to a reasonably more physically active seller then not. I know some get their kicks from the sellers that perhaps step on “more messy things”, but my leaning is more towards the active side that they can provide. More often then not I usually lean more towards the ankle socks. I don’t know if it’s just a style more common to the sellers, or my own personal quirk that I can’t rationally explain. I just really don’t like wearing ankle socks myself. Maybe it’s just being colored by my own quirks again, but I swear it almost seems like the ankle socks lock in the scent more then it’s other counterparts. This may be because of less surface area to absorb the scent or it’s just more concentrated around the foot. Also while there are a few different materials, it seems like about a medium thickness of cotton works the best. Ankle socks are my ultimate choice.

Until next time…