Someone you know buying from you Part 2  

This is the continuation of someone you know buying from you.  As previously stated it is very possible for someone you know will buy from you.  You may not ever know that they have bought from you because of being able to be anonymous on the internet.  I will say that if they are seeking out this type of thing, it is because they have specifically put in a search term that brought them to this type of site to buy our panties.

Here is a story of lady who had been selling things she has on hand and doing, different types of websites.  She had been doing those things for a while. Well, lo and behold this particular day, she had this buyer who had been buying from her for a long while.  (Keep this in mind).   Some things had happened here and there.  She decided that she didn’t want this particular buyer to buy from her because she thought they were two different people.   She cut all ties with this one buyer.  She ended up having another buyer  where things work out.  They continued to work with each other.  Well over time she was noticing that the buyer knew things about her that they should not have known about her.  It was neither here nor there in her mind. 

On this particular day they had set up to be able to do a phone chat with each other. Lo and behold she hear someone else talking to them in the background. It was a woman. So she was like “what is that in the background?”  She realized if she was quiet she was able to hear better.  She finally realized that it was her mother in the background. Of course she freaked out. She instantly stopped the phone call and called her mother’s phone.  She asked her was she in the background talking to someone on the phone. The  mom said yes!! She knew  then it was her father who had been gleaning her services.   

He had been paying for  her services for a LONG time.  Come to find out the other person that she had been working with was actually her father as well. Since  things had  sort of gotten out of hand she cut things off. She didn’t know that it was actually her father. He created a whole other account to be able to continue to glean from her services, even though she is his daughter. 

She talked to the mother and explained her to her the situation. The big kicker is that the mom knew that the father had been getting services from their daughter. Two months prior the month found out but  she did not do anything about it.  

As the daughter began to look back over things growing up, she realized how when the father would take her phone from her all the time.  He would not only take the phone but he would send himself her nude pictures that she had in her phone. He would send them to himself but keep the phone as punishment.  She filed charges against the father and realized that it was a whole messed up situation. 

She decided that she was not going to stop her business. But she is going to do what needs to be done to make sure that the mom and a dad is held accountable for the things that they have done.  Even though she’s an adult, the things that happened  when he was younger the mom did take up for her.  She didn’t do anything that she was supposed to do to make sure that she was okay. But of course, she didn’t have the opportunity to really go after the mom and really get the mom to like to stand up for her. 

That is one of the risks.  We can run into people we know.  Even  those who are closest to us that can find us.  We have to decide one hundred percent for sure if we are willing to take that risk.  We don’t know who they are because  they are anonymous. 

I’m not saying this to scare you. I’m not saying this to stop you from making your money.  I am saying just know it is a very big possibility. It is something that you need to decide before you get started. 


Until next time…