The buyer is sending me pictures/videos of other sellers

Dear Diary,

What are they thinking? They must be off their rocker to believe it is okay to send things of other sellers to me. Especially when those items were exclusively for their eyes only!!

~See no evil

There has been times where a buyer has sent me pictures/videos of other sellers. They are often time pictures/videos of the seller in a “compromising” position. I’m sure these items were given to the seller with the understanding that it was for them alone. Yet, somehow they feel the need to share them with others. I must admit it pisses me off when it happens.

It pisses me off because despite the fact that we are selling pictures/vidoes to people that showcase ourselves in ways that we would never do in our personal life, it is not okay to show other people things that were meant for their eyes only. For me is shows they have no sense of boundaries. Or they simply do not care. They paid for the product but it is not giving them the permission to distribute the intellectual property to whomever they see fit. It is wrong no matter what they try to say. I will not tolerate it.

No I do not care if they are using it to show me as an example of what they desire from me. If any buyer does that I have/will immediately stop any further interaction. Yes, I let them know why I will not move forward with them.

Okay, okay some people may think I am being dramatic in my response but someone has to be an advocate for other sex workers. We need to stand up for each other. If the buyer will do that with their work what will they do with mine or yours? Yes, it is a small step but to me it is much needed to stop people from thinking no one will stand up to them doing the wrong thing. I’ll give the benefit of doubt that some people do not think/know it is wrong to share others people work in that way. However, I’m pretty sure that most people are not okay with it. No my mind would not change if they paid me to see what they have. What do I look like profiting off of someone else’s work?

We need to make it our business to stand in the stead for other sex workers. Many times they have no clue that they are being showcased around like some common farm animal at the state fair. I understand that some of you may not think anything is wrong with it. “Oh more publicity for me!!” Yeah okay. Keep that mindset. What goes around comes around in some shape or form.

I’m not here to bash anyone but I am saying if you can, stand up for others. Do not let money make you allow things that you wouldn’t want done to you. It is hard enough doing what we do without all of the stereotypes.

Stand in the gap for your fellow workers.

Keep making that money!!

Until next time…