The difference: exclusive & custom content

Dear Diary,

I am exclusive. There’s a price to pay.

~ Material girl



Today I am here to talk to you about the difference between exclusive and custom content.

When it comes to exclusive content, some people clump exclusive and custom made into one. Exclusive content is like a custom order but the exemption is that it is only for that buyer. That buyer pays a fee that says that you will not sell NOR distribute that particular video or picture(s) to anyone else because they have paid the exclusive price. That exclusive price is separate from your per minute price that you charge. When someone pays an exclusive price that means basically that this is exclusive to them you will NOT make any more money on that content that you have created for them because they don’t want anyone else to see it NOR have access to it. This is why the price can be VERY expensive. When you create custom content you can redistribute it because as the business owner, you have that right to do that. What normally is done is you create the CUSTOM content then sell it as a “premade”. They are aware that it is premade content. Which is not the same as swapping out premade content as custom content. I personally do not resell my custom content. I do not resell my exclusive content because if a person comes to me, and they pay their fee for me to make their content for them, (especially if their name is in the video) I’m not going to take that time to go through and cut out their name and paste somebody else’s name in that. I’ve talked about that in my last post.

Exclusive content means that the person pays a price so that that video or those pictures are not distributed to anyone else but them and that is what exclusive mean. It is as if you go and have a suit tailor made in which you buy the rights to that pattern to that particular suit that you had made. They cannot go and sell that suit or the pattern. They cannot put that same suit on the market because it was exclusive to you and you don’t want anyone else to look like you or to have anything that is like yours.

That is the difference between exclusive and custom content.

Until next time…