Time is money…

Dear Diary,

Why do these “buyers” waste my time? Isn’t it simple enough that I have something to sell? Why can’t they get what they want and go? Why do I have to spend hours chatting just for them to not end up buying? Such a waste of my time.

What do I have to do so they don’t waste my time?

Many of us have been there. Our time was totally wasted. We tried doing all that we could to see things work out but they didn’t.

Time to move on, but how do I pull my tail from between my legs? Having time wasted when doing business is costing money.

Please don’t judge me. I’m speaking my truth. I’m in this to make money as most people are. When time is wasted in any capacity it cost time/money. I’m not asking any of you to look at your customers as simply money dispensers. I’m telling you not to let them waste your time.

Trust me on this one. If you don’t trust me that’s okay you will learn over time what to look out for. However, if you allow me this time I will give you some examples of times wasters.

  1. You are contacted asking what you offer. You tell them. They ask how much. You tell them. They say okay here is what I want. How much? You tell them then they go silent. Never to be heard of again= TIME WASTER
  2. Take the scenario above. You give them your price then all of sudden they want to haggle the cost of your service= TIME WASTER
  3. They see something they like, you agree on a price. They pay. After they pay they want to change/add to the terms of your agreement but don’t want to pay for the extra requests= TIME WASTER
  4. They know they have no intent to buy anything from you. Yet, they want to chat for hours about what you will or won’t do for them. All the while knowing that it’s just talk= TIME WASTER
  5. You have a buyer that pays for a certain amount of time to chat etc. then they try to ignore the time they paid for hoping you won’t notice. Then get upset when you let them know time is up and they have to pay more for extra time. Note: sometimes they are not doing it on purpose that they go over on time. Trust me if they want to continue they will pay for the extra time without hesitation. If NOT they= TIME WASTER/FREELOADER
  6. They come to the site you are selling on then want you to move to another site because they like it better. Nope= TIME WASTER; Note sometimes it’s okay to move to another site especially if you are offering chatting etc because it’s faster to do the chat that way. However, sometimes it’s all about them luring you into something else. If that happens shut it down quickly and report them to the support team on the main site you have your platform on.

I’m going go stop there with examples because I could go all night with scenarios. You get my drift. If people are not paying for your service when they are on a site looking for what you offer, don’t waste your time. Do not allow your prices to be haggled. Set your prices and stick too it.

If you run specials run them but don’t let people waste your time. If you do you are missing out on making money. I know what I’m saying may sound harsh at times. I beg you to look at this way. When people shop at any other place, if they want what they came for they buy it. So remember if they have the intent to buy from you they will. If not they will buy from SOMEONE else. Plain and simple.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in thinking that you won’t get any sales. It may take time but have a little faith in yourself. Trust the process.