Use what you have to sell

Dear Diary,

Let me go through my panty drawer and see what I have to sell.

~ Working smarter not harder


I am here to talk to you about using what you have on hand. 

I am serious when I say use what you have on hand to sell without going out and buying more items without even trying to sell what you have on hand.  If you do that you are wasting money hoping for sales especially when you haven’t tried to use what you have on hand.

You have to understand that when they come to us, they understand that our items are used. So they’re not expecting brand new items. In most cases, if they want something specific that you don’t have they will ask you to buy the item for them and pay you the cost for doing so. You would have to work out an arrangement with the buyer. I’m seeing all too often where people are buying items and they don’t understand that they don’t have to buy this stuff. Especially if they have those type of things already on hand. It will save you a lot of costs.   

Even if you think, “Oh whoa, this have holes in it, this is stained.” Lets not trick yourself into thinking that some of them do not want that because they do. I cannot emphasize enough that they are they’re seeking out what we have because they know that it is used they know that it is from our bodies or whatever. So they expect it to be a certain way.  

If you get going and you run out of the items that you have then okay go ahead and buy more things.  Even when we do that, you have to understand we’re doing this at a wholesale cost. So we want to be vigilant in understanding that we are not paying buku money to get more items even though we may sell them for a higher price.

Save your money and use what you have.

Until next time…