Using all of your time to create content Part 1

Dear Diary,

I want this panty selling life to give me all that I deserve. Yet, I must find a balance so that it is not all consuming .

~ These panties have me tripping


I’m here to talk to you about not using all of your time to create content.

What I mean by that is what we do is we sell sexy things and in the process of doing that that includes clothing items, pictures, videos, voice, recordings, etc. If you’re not careful, you can find that any moment that something happens or you’re in a position to be able to possibly get some good content to sell, you are retracting from being present in the moment that you’re in to capture this content.

I would say one of the biggest examples is you’re out and about with your friends or you’re out and about with your significant other or whatever, and something happens and you’re maybe having a cute outfit or something happens that you figure “Oh, well, this will be great for content by doing this.” You are so focused on getting that perfect picture or getting that perfect video, that you forget that you are in the midst of those who want to spend time with you, you want to spend time with them. But you’re thinking about how can I make money? In the midst of it all you are using every moment, every opportunity to make money without thinking about what are you losing in the process of making the money.

In a previous post, I talked about making sure that you’re actually truly living life, but not living this life that we do to put money in our pockets by allowing it consume and take away from important moments. I get it. It can be hard when you are just trying to do the best you can. You want to have a little nest egg or whatever. While going along you see any opportunity to where you can make some money and you’re like “okay, well, let me just go ahead and get this quick video. Let me get this quick pictures. Then I’ll make sure that I posted here, there.” Yet, you are forgetting about what are you losing in the process of doing that.

Try to find a balance between having fun and living life instead of letting panty selling take over your life.

You will thank yourself later.

Until next time…