Want to buy my panties or nah? Talk about sending pictures thinking it will lead to a sale…

Dear Diary,

If this person ask me for one more picture of what I have I’m going to scream. Clearly they have not looked at my shop or they just don’t care.

That’s gonna cost you? How would you like to pay?

~no free samples

Today I will get into giving out free samples hoping it will lead to a sale.

I have come across a lot of sellers who don’t know that they should be charging for samples pictures that they send to potential buyers. They are ignorant to the fact that this is a tactic that some use to get freebies with no intent to ever buy. Yet they got what they wanted at the expense of the seller.

So I’m here to tell you do NOT send any pictures without having them pay what I call a sample fee. I don’t care if it’s of clothing items or pictures of your body. Make them pay. Those who are sincere will pay the fee those who just want freebies will not. I don’t care if you charge just a dollar still charge something. Be prepared that if you charge a certain price once they may want that price all the time. Be sure that you have your price set in stone and stick to it.

I’m also going to tell you to send your pictures with them being watermarked. Yep even samples. It only takes a second or two to watermark your photos. If you need an watermarking app use iwatermark, piccollage, photogrid or something similar. Either way do it. The reason you want to do this is to be sure your pictures have your name and hey it’s advertisement. Make sure you put it over your parts so if they crop it your name can be seen no matter what. If by some chance they share your pictures others will know it’s of you.

This can be looked at in different ways. It can be seen as advertising. It can also be seen as this buyer can’t be trusted if they are sending out your picture without consent. Do not allow them to have pictures of you just because you hope they will buy. There is nothing that proves for 100% that you giving pictures in any form that it will create a sale. Some of them will even ask to see things not listed just to string you along. They get a kick out of you thinking they will purchase from you. As I’ve said many times before they know if they will before even contacting you. Just do that best that you can to stop freebies that you did not intend to give.

If you have been sending out freebies don’t be yourself up about it. Now that you know better do better. Either way I wish you the best in your business!!

Until next time….