Ways to increase the scent in your items Part 2

Dear Diary,

That scent is nice and strong. I know it can’t go wrong.

~ I know you can small me


I am back to share with you more ways to increase your scent in your items. There are times when the buyer wants you to exercise in their item. If it is a exercise wear that really means you have to exercise in the item. If you do not exercise or not willing to do so then tell the buyer no.

Another way to increase the increase the scent is that they may ask for no wipe. That means you do not wipe when you go the bathroom. For those of you are saying, “Ooh but that’s nasty!!” I get it but understand very clearly if they ask for it, they want it.

For me what I do to help alleviate it being a consistent no wipe throughout the whole day, I will not wipe like five or six times and then in between there I will give myself a good dab to clear things up a bit. Then go back to no wipe then space it out; dab/no wipe. You get the drift. Whatever the customer is asking for, meaning as far as what they’ve have paid for they get.

I am not talking about them just asking for stuff that they have not paid for. If they pay for something that you said you would do for them, make sure that you are doing it. Now I will share one of the biggest things that I know that a lot of people do not do.

They do NOT sleep in the wears like they should. Sleeping in the items can be a make it or break type situation if the buyer can’t smell you. It’s not that you did not wear the item at all but you missed a big key as to how you could have loaded the item with your scent but you failed to sleep in it. When I sleep in socks or pantyhose I will actually cover my feet with seran wrap. Hahaha I know, I know. I am not saying that you have to do this but I know for me it helps lock things in. Then in the morning I remove the seran wrap and put my slippers on. If I am showering I will put the item into a ziplock baggie until I’m done showering.

Then I will go through the day(s) as usual for what the wear should be. Until it is time to ship the item.

Okay, I will not keep beating that dead horse.

Until next time…