Ways to increase the scent in your items

Dear Diary,

Then boys be begging for those panties. I have to make sure my scent is nice and strong

~ giving the boys what they ask for


Today I am here to talk to you about increasing the scent in your items.

One of the ways that I know that you can increase the scent in your items is to actually wear it for the full time you are suppose to wear them. Most wears are at least 24 hours. When you are wearing the item for 24 hours, 48 hours or however long that item is make sure that you are actually wearing it for the 24 hours. So that means do not take them off. Yes that includes when it is time to sleep.

When it’s time for you to sleep, that is one of the biggest ways that you can get more of your scent into the items. Another way to do that for me, I will still shower unless they request not to. I will shower but when I shower, I will not use any fragrance soaps or any soaps at all down below because that helps retains my scent. I’m not washing it away even though the other parts of my body are getting clean. Whatever part of the body that is not in contact with the item is being cleaned but the part that is meant to be in contact is retaining its scent. Now, you want to make sure that you retain that scent by any means possible.

Another way is when you’re just sitting around or doing whatever, you can rub the item up against yourself, in between the different parts. Rub it really good. When I’m wearing socks or pantyhose I have a certain pair of outside shoes and a pair of house shoes that I use specifically for those wears. Yes, I know it may seem extreme, but I’m telling you, it it works. I don’t wear those items any other time but during the times I am wearing for a buyer. I make sure that if I’m not going anywhere for the day, then of course my house shoes is what I wear the whole day. I know that they have that smell that is wanted and so I just keep them on all day. Then course when I shower I won’t wash my feet. I dry them then put the sock and shoes back on. If I’m going out and about for the day or whatever, then I will slip on the shoes/boots I have set specifically for those type of wears.

Whatever you do wear the items for the time allotted. If that is not possible then make the adjustments accordingly. Otherwise you should be wearing for the time they paid for.

Until next time…