Wearing panties again to freshen them up for the buyer

Dear Diary,

Some of the requests I get has my head spinning. There are some things that are worth the risk but this is not it..

~As fresh as it gets


Today I am here to talk to you about customers who want to return items to you to wear again to freshen them up. Then you can return back to them and they can continue to enjoy your essence.

For me I have come into contact with some buyers who have wanted to purchase items for me that I’ve worn for them. Then they want to maybe like in a month or so, send it back to me so that I can wear it again and return it to them so that we can just keep this continuous wear of this item fresh for them. They would want to do this as often as whatever the agreement is. For me, that is a no. Not because I’m afraid to rewear items that are already worn.

The problem is I do not want anyone having my personal address. So even if it’s a PO box, the answer is still no for me. You don’t know if the person is going to put any tracking or anything in that item. You don’t know if the person is going to put anything on the item. And you have to remember that you’re dealing with body fluids. That person can add their stuff to it in you are wearing it and unaware they added something to it.

There’s a big risk that you can get something. Yes it is a risk that they are taking for getting items from from us that we have worn. However, that is a known risk that they take when they buy things from us. I am not saying that we’re not clean or anything but just we’ll just say it as a risk that they know of. To accept an item back from a customer to rewear for me. Its a no because I’m not risking them having my address or any of those things. So keep that in mind if you come across someone who wants to do that. Definitely weigh the pros and cons of doing something in that manner.

You guys be safe out there.

Until next time…