What not to do when creating exclusive & custom content: Part 2

Dear Diary,

The fuckery continues.

~Work smarter not harder


This is part 2 about things not to do when buyers buy exclusive or custom content.

Understand that most of the time when they buy this exclusive or custom content, they are not paying per hour. They are paying per MINUTE. They are paying your price that you charge per minute.

Ask yourself do you think it is okay for you to charge them a price (sometimes the price can go really high, depending on what the content is) but what people are doing is taking videos/pictures or whatever and mashing them together from other buyers. Some go as far as going in changing the name in videos that had them actually talking in the video saying another buyer name. So they go in and the change the name to the recent buyer. That is to so much time wasted when you can just take the time to actually create the person’s content and deliver it to them in a timely manner.

Then there are many buyers who are saying that it is taking 2-3 weeks for a 15-20 minute video. It is understandable for some of us to have our schedule sort of pushed out. Which leads to a first come first serve basis. But most times it is because a lot of sellers think that it is okay to take the time that it takes out of their day, and mash up videos and pictures to be able to create, “custom content” that is not custom or even exclusive content to the buyer. You want to make sure that whatever you are doing that you’re doing it with best practices in mind.

Yes, we want to work smarter, not harder.
To me tweaking previous content is working 10 times harder by me having to go through my videos, finding the ones that sort of fit what that buyer want, and then go through cutting clips, adding voiceover and all of that stuff when I could have just created what they wanted from me in the first place. The thing is, if you know that you cannot create that content for them, just simply do NOT take their money. Plain and simple. Do not take their money. Say that you cannot do it and move along.

Let’s have good practices out here. I give you all good information about how to run your businesses, but I also giving you information about how not to run your business as well. So remember that okay.

Until next time…