What price should my items be?

Dear Diary,

I want to sell my items and make the most money that I possibly can. I know undercutting others is not a good look. What to do?

– ready to sell these panties

Hello and welcome.

Today I am here to talk to you about setting prices for your items.

When many start they decide to set their prices for as low as they can thinking it will help them get a lot of sales. In some cases sales will be made. What is not realized is that some buyers will overlook you because they think you are willing to sell your items at any price and your items are not quality.

On average when you start to sell your panties, start at $30-40 minimum for 24/hr wear. When you do you socks start at least $30. Pantyhose $33-35. Those prices are for 24/hr wear. If they want to add more days then you can add an additional $5-10 dollars a day. I only wear my items up to 4 days total. We all know how things can get down there by not showering when that is one of their requests. It is best to take care of your health and not do long term wear.

I suggest that you reach out to other sellers for help. When in doubt definitely reach out. It is not a good idea to come in with the idea that “I’m going to lowball other sellers so that I can get the buyers to come to me”. What should be done is that you set your prices based on the flow of what you see other sellers pricing their items at. I am not saying copy other sellers. I am saying help keep a balance. Take into consideration how much it truly costs you to sell your items. That includes the price of the item, site fees, and the cost to ship at a whole.

Many sellers get burned out and leave the business because they realize over time that they are not making money. It is not because the buyers are not there. It is because they have set their prices so low that they are not really making money. They have not taken into consideration the price of selling the items at whole.

I urge you to really look at your panty selling business as a business. Keep track of the cost to you so that you can have a long lasting business.

I hope this has helped you to better understand how to price some of your items.

Until next time…