When other sellers become infatuated

Dear Diary,

I like to think that I am a great catch from all the fish in the sea. I’m not dealing with others stalking me.

~Not getting hooked


I’m here to talk to you about when sellers become infatuated with you.

In times past, I have had sellers come to me and want to collaborate with me, hang out, or be online friends. I have told them that I was not interested. Well, most of us whose sell panties normally sell on more than one platform. Most platforms are known by those who are sellers on different platforms.

This particular person I had told them to leave me alone that I was not interested in collaborating with them nor being friends, following, anything with them online or in real life for that matter. This person decided that they were going to find me on any platform that they thought that I was on and follow me and try to friend me on these platforms. I had to literally go through and block this person on all platforms. I also went as far that even if I thought that it was them that I was blocking to make sure that I didn’t have to deal with them.

After a while I stopped getting all of these random people following me. I realized when push comes to shove, I was not interested in collaborating. I was not interested in having any kind of interaction with them.

Be aware that this happens sometimes. It happens because people will see your your style, or see things about you as you post or do whatever on the platform. They will in their own way like what your post or like you and you have no interest in them. I guess it’s the same way of how it can be with some buyers as well. They can become infatuated. You have to be able to just say, “No, I am not interested. I’m not even going to even go further than what we have gone.”

With that in mind you just have to make sure that you keep an eye out and you’re being watchful. It is okay for you to tell people no if they try to violate your time and your space. That is why there are admins available to help. They are in place to help protect you and other people in the community. If they’ll do it to you. They will do it to other people as well.

So remember that there are things that can happen where someone who is a seller will become infatuated with you.

No need to be afraid about it but it does happen.

Until next time…