Your work space..

Dear diary,

The space that I work in is very important to me. It took a lot for me to get it how I want it. I realize that I have to accommodate my customers. With that in mind I will be sure that they get the best experience despite them never stepping foot into the space where I do what I do.

~keeping it nice

Hey y’all. It’s time to talk about something that really can make or break your business. Remember that you are your own boss. Since you are your own boss you’re in control of your work atmosphere.

You are working from your home. There shouldn’t be any reason why your space shouldn’t be nice. Don’t get me wrong I understand there are different levels of what “nice” is to each individual person. When it boils down to it there are some basics things that should be at play.

Think of what you expect when you go into a business or receive something from a business. You want what you paid for. If we are honest we definitely look around to determine if you even want to step foot inside the place of business. There is nothing wrong with that. Now think of the times where you chose not to patronize a business because of how it looked.

It’s the same concept with your business. What do you want people to see? This is the time for you to put on display whatever you want and no one can stop you. It’s your business. Let your imagination come through…

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your work space.

  • Make is comfortable for yourself.
  • Take your time.
  • Use what you have. Make it work until you can add more things if you want.
  • Whatever space you are working in should be clean and clear of distractions. Example: If are doing a recording and have a ceiling fan going, turn it off. The shadow of it rotating on the wall could totally take the attention off of what you’re doing. You want the attention on you. Not the shadow of the fan spinning.
  • Set the atmosphere for what you’re trying to portray.
  • Make sure your lighting is bright enough so it is picked up on your pictures/recordings.
  • Make sure there is no background noise unrelated to your videos when recording.
  • When taking pictures focus in on the product being sure to display it in a nice way. *If the client want something specific then by all means do it the way you agreed to do it.*
  • Make sure there are no other people in videos or pictures who should not be there.
  • Everything that you want kept private make sure it’s out of the way. *family photos etc.*
  • Last but not least have lots of fun!!

This is a time for you to really put your thinking cap on while setting up your work space. Do your very best. Don’t try to go all out if you can’t do that right now. Do what you can then work your way up from there.

I wish you all the best on your endeavors.

Until next time..