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Use what you have to sell

Dear Diary, Let me go through my panty drawer and see what I have to sell. ~ Working smarter not harder Hello,  I am here to talk to you about using what you have on hand.  I am serious when I say use what you have on hand to sell without going out and buyingContinue reading “Use what you have to sell”

Bashing other sellers Part 2

Dear Diary, I will mind my business!! ~ Not today boo boo Hello,   This is part two of not bashing others sellers on the feed.  If you’re not willing to keep your mouth shut about seeing other sellers that you think are low balling you, then you need to simply block them because there isContinue reading “Bashing other sellers Part 2”

Bashing other sellers

Dear Diary, Some things are not worth the fight. ~ just keep scrolling Hello, I am  back to talk to you about bashing or calling out othersellers on the platform feed.  So this sort of goes along with my posts that talks about proper etiquette when interacting on the feeds of the different platforms that weContinue reading “Bashing other sellers”

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