Custom Content

Dear diary,

It makes me so happy doing something special for my clients. Having them come to me with your desires really does something too me. To know that they trust me enough to give them what they want means a lot to me.

~Happy to please

Let us have a little talk about custom content. It’s that extra special thing that your client wants from you. More than likely they have bought from you before and have decided to take it a bit further.

That is a good thing for you!! It’s a good thing because it means they enjoy what you do and trust you. You must understand they can go to whoever they want for content. The fact they keep coming back to you says a lot.

It’s okay if you are new to all of this. We all have to start somewhere. It’s truly a matter of getting out there and getting your content into the hands of those who want it.

Maybe it’s the first time they have bought from you. Great!! You offer something that they want so they are getting it custom made directly from you. That’s the beauty of custom orders. The client knows they are getting exactly what they want. No if, ands, or buts about it.

How do I start making custom content?

There are many ways to offer custom content. However, I prefer to do it by

getting on a reputable site that offers you a way to provide such services. First things first; get yourself verified and start making content.

Now you know what I’m going to say: Do your research. Be sure to read your terms of agreement on the site(s) so that you know what you can/can’t do. This will always help you in the long run.

What do you do when you get a custom order?

When your client comes to you for that custom order be sure that you are willing to do what they want. If it’s not something you are willing to do, don’t do it. No one says you have too. Remember you are your own boss. If you don’t want to do it let them be free to go to whoever will. No harm no foul. You’re not doing anything wrong by not agreeing. As you get more comfortable you may find that you will do things that you weren’t comfortable doing before. That is okay. Know your threshold. Start small then work your way up from there.

Depending on the site the process communication with your customer will be really easy. It will be set up so that you can set your prices for whatever content you want with just a few clicks. Your client can then click away adding what they want. If it’s not simple as a few clicks, let them tell you.

  • Communication is key.
  • Listen to what they say.
  • If you don’t understand ask questions.
  • Be willing me make some compromises to help them get the best experience.
  • Get payment upfront before sending your product to them.
  • NEVER go beyond your threshold/limits.
  • Set your prices. Don’t let yourself be haggled. It’s okay to give discount too. Especially for repeat clients.
  • Always deliver in a timely manner.

Do your best while making your content. Be mindful. A client may come to you only once. If that’s the case don’t assume it’s because you did a bad job. Some of them only want that one thing that they can put on repeat. Heheheh.

If you are ready to get started you can go here:

Until next time…