Making sure to send information through your selling platform if you move to…

Dear Diary,

Oh how sneaky the buyers can be. Wanting to move to other instant messaging platforms so there is not any proof of our conversation.


~you tried it


Today let’s chat about making sure to send all pertinent information through your selling platforms even if you move to another instant messaging app.


I’m going to assume the most people have heard of the different instant messaging platforms. If not a few of them are KiK, wire, WhatsApp etc. These platforms are a great way to have conversations run more smoothly outside of the selling platform chats. However, you need to be aware that some buyers use them as a way to not show proof of agreements you may have made with them on a sale.


I know, I know it’s sneaky but it does happen. My way to try to help prevent this is once I have come to an agreement with the buyer I send a message detailing what was agreed upon including prices etc. Then I make sure to put ALL updates on their order in a message through the platform despite if we talk on another messaging platform.


This is one sure way to show proof of what was agreed upon. I have not had any issues with them getting upset about me doing it this way. I’ve found they are quite happy having the updates at a whole. I’m not saying this is the only way but it can be a way to help you if a buyers tries to say you’re not being legit. This goes back to my previous post of being organized with orders.


Keep track of their names in your planner. That way if they delete their account OR you have to block them, you will still have a copy of who they were.


All in all be sure to use your selling platform for the purposes of which they are there for. You will thank yourself later.


Until next time…